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How to Activate Cash Card | Two Ways Step by Step Guides

A Cash Card is a Visa debit card that you can use to pay merchants and retailers with the funds in your Cash App. It’s different to Cash App and it doesn’t connect to your personal bank or debit card.

What Cash Card can do for you;

The following are the things you can use your card to do quickly;

  • Download transaction history
  • To pay with Apple Pay using your Card
  • Also, to get cashback at stores that offer it when you use the card as a debit card
  • You can as well use it to pay at Gas Stations
  • Again, you can use it at any ATM, with only a $2 charge by Cash App.

How to Activate your Cash Card

There are two ways to activate your Card, both of which we’ll discuss below;

1. Using the QR Code It Came With

To activate using the QR Code that arrived with it, follow the steps below;

1. On your Cash App home screen, tap on Cash & BTC. This feature only shows if your account balance is $0.

2. Click on the Image of your Cash Card

3. Follow that by Tapping on Activate Cash Card

4. Now Cash App will ask your permission to use your camera to scan the QR Code. Click Ok

5. Then hold your camera in line with the QR Code until it comes into focus. Meanwhile, once the camera captures the code your card will be activated.

2. When you no Longer have the QR Code

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Perhaps you no longer have the QR Code that the card arrived with, don’t worry you can still activate the card. Just follow the steps below;

1. Tap the Account Balance on your Cash App home screen.

2. Proceed to Click on Activate

3. Click on the Help tab right on the bottom of the screen

4. Select Use CVV Instead (Card Verification Value)

5. Then Enter the CVV code and expiring date of your new Cash Card.

That’s all. When you follow the above steps, your new card will be activated without delay and you’ll start enjoying your card anyway it is accepted.

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